Unley Capital Partners provides funding for quality, property backed transactions. 

Our advantage is that we control our capital pool, we're backed by strong partners AND we can leverage our network, experience and affiliated partners to deliver terms even when our capital is fully deployed. 

Our goal is to support new entrants, help grow developers and be there quickly when an opportunity presents itself. 

Please review the criteria below and consider sending us an enquiry.




Loan Criteria and the process

Our process

  1. Complete our online enquiry to generate a transaction summary, privacy statement and review fee offer instantly!
  2. We will provide an either an offer letter with requirements and confirmation of capital OR an indicitive offer from our partners. You will then be invited to complete the payment of the review fee and make a formal application. If we reject your application after this stage 50% of your fee will be returned to you no questions asked.
  3. Once we recieve a formal application we will order asset valuations, complete due dilligence and provide draft legal documents for your review.
  4. Upon completion of the valuation and return of executed contracts we will arrange settlement and prepare to issue funds.
  5. Once your facility is settled you will have access to our online portal to review the due dates and interest cost of your loan.
  6. For construction loans we will continue to work with you and your builder monitoring the project staging and making staged payments as required.

Indicitive terms - what we won't do.

  • We won't lend to retail, consumer borrowers (individuals) under arrangements that require an Australian Credit License (ACL) (but we will refer you to people who do)
  • We won't offer loans in circumstances that are predatory and defer an inevitable outcome that puts our investors capital at risk.
  • We won't participate in schemes that create corporate entities for the purpose of avoiding the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (2009)
  • We won't provide financial, credit, tax or legal or property advice to you. Any comments we make regarding your circumstances may prompt a review with a qualified persion and if so it is our advice that you seek assistance from a qualifed person in that area. We can refer to you professionals if requested.

Indicitive terms - what we will do

  • Loan to Australian registered companies, Trusts (with corporate trustees) offering real Australian property as security. Suitable property may include residential, commercial, industrial property or vacant land.
  • We will consider assets in SA, TAS, NT, NSW, VIC, WA but may reject assets where we can not obtain a suitable valuation or regional assets where we are conserned about liquidity.
  • Loan sizes from $200k - $10mil from our initial pool, $2mil to $50mil from our partner pool and transactions from $2mil to $320mil from our institutional partner network.
  • Loan terms from 3 months to 36 months with a strong preference for 6-9 month terms.
  • We use valuers who are listed on major bank panels except where the exit is market sales - use of a bank panel valuer can help you reduce costs when refinancing to a major bank.

Asset types and loans likely to be declined

• Areas affected by high-tension powerlines or motorways • Contaminated or potentially contaminated sites • Exhibition Homes • Flood prone areas / flood affected properties (less than 1:100 year flood is unacceptable) • Leasehold properties • Properties adversely affected by mine subsidence or land slip • Properties with restrictive zoning or usage (i.e National Heritage listing) • Relocatable / Kit homes • Residential properties less than 40sqm (exclusive of balconies and parking) • Rural residential properties
• Rural zoned properties having residential units above commercial shops
• Security located on an island without a sealed road connected to the mainland
• Unique or specialised properties

Development finance

  • While pre-sales are not required we do want to see evidence of market research.
  • LVR's are based on Net Realisable Value (NRV) or the value of the asset at completion.
  • Typical construction LVR's are 55%-65%
  • Partially constructed assets, owner builder (except where the builder is qualified at or above the level proposed) and other borrower behaviour that demonstates a lack of disapline or care will be declined.

Asset types and loans that are likely to be accepted

  • High quality assets in good locations were recent market reports suggest high auction clearance rates and time on market under 90 days.
  • Loans with a clearly defined purpose and realistic exit strategy.
  • Borrowers of good probity and a strong balance sheet including up to date tax compliance and a demonstration of a good advice team.
  • Loan LVR's that demonstrate the borrower has made a significant financial contibution.